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BeccaEdit Spotlight: Nude Beverages


When you purchase a can of Nude, you’re not JUST buying a can of hard seltzer. When you drink a can of Nude, you’re also not JUST drinking a can of hard seltzer. Although the simple appearance of the can may look rather nude, what’s inside and behind the name is so much more!

For those of you that are already lost, let’s backup and first properly introduce Nude, which is short for Nude Beverages. Nude was founded in Vancouver, Canada with the intention of recreating the classic vodka soda you’d order at a bar, but without all the added sugar and sweeteners that come in those at the liquor store. Over the course of four years, the founder, Julius Makarewicz would work to craft Nude’s line of products, which launched in 2017.  Since then they’ve become a leader in the hard seltzer industry in Canada. Following such success, Nude launched into the US industry last year and has continuously seen growth.

Aside from the clean and simple ingredients that Nude strides to provide, they also continue to keep charitable endeavors in mind by ensuring that a portion of all sales go to supporting animal welfare organizations. It’s the small, but mighty, facts like these that separate a good company from a GREAT company!

With over 10 current flavors, it’s nearly impossible to find a favorite when they all taste just as refreshing as the last. Often compared to and resembling the bubbliness of a La Croix or Perrier Sparkling, Nudes drink easily. Enjoyed with your friends at the end of a long work day or kicking your feet up on the weekend, Nude’s are the perfect alternative to beer and sugary coolers/seltzers to sustain your active lifestyle.

Nude is fun.

Nude is real.

Nude is honest.

Keep it Nude.