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It’s snack time baby!

For many of us, snacking is more than just a midday food break. It’s a hobby, a pastime, and maybe even an art form. Snacking is a very serious business over at BrandEdit, which is why it is important that we fuel ourselves with the right foods. Finding that perfect balance between  health and flavor, while also keeping in mind important factors such as portability, for those on-the-go moments, convenience, which goes without saying, and nutrition, to keep us moving, without a sudden crash are all essential elements when selecting that perfect snack.

It’s important to define and establish what type of snacker you are – as there are indeed a range of snackers. Some individuals prefer to stick with a few filling bites, which allows for a quick refueling process, while others may opt for a drawn out snacking period of which can be termed as “pickers” since they prefer to pick or graze at their snack and fill up at a slower rate. Neither classification is wrong or better than the other, as there are plenty of healthy and delicious options to satisfy both types.

When it comes to that quick bite to eat and time is not on your side, but you’re crunched to get in some extra fuel for the day to keep you going, 2 of our favorites include Gomacro  and Verb Energy bars. Both bars provide enough energy to keep you going without a sudden sugar crash and can easily be thrown into a purse, backpack, or pocket and enjoyed anywhere and anytime. Both bars are vegan and gluten free, so no need to worry if you have any major allergies. Gomacro was recently featured in our most recent SummerEdit , while Verb Energy was included in our previous WellnessEdit box. If you’re picky and selective when it comes to flavor – have no fear, because we’re confident that between these two brands you’ll find a flavor that you love.

Some of the standout flavors included in the Verb Energy line-up include: Coconut Chai , Chocolate Chip Banana Bread , Peppermint Mocha , Pumpkin Spice Latte , Cookie Butter  and Lemon Raspberry. If none of those flavors screamed your name, than maybe 1 of the 3 Gomarcro flavor that were included in the SummerEdit calls your name: Balanced Goodness (granola + coconut), Simple Slender ( lemon + lemon) , or Blissful Daybreak  (blueberry + cashew). Of course Gomacro has a ton more options to choose from between their snack bars, protein bars, mini bars, and kid bars, you’re bound to find a flavor that speaks to your taste buds.

On the contrary, if you find yourself identifying as a dedicated “picker” then have fear not (again) – you are covered! Wonderful Pistachios are the answer!  Now with no shells, you won’t have to deal with the tedious cracking process which is normally required to eat pistachios. Although if you find enjoyment in that process then don’t worry, because they’re still around and not going anywhere. Additionally, Wonderful Pistachios now come in a fun range of flavors including: honey roasted, chili roasted and included in the SummerEdit, Sea Salt and Vinegar and BBQ .Find your favorite flavor or try them all.
And of course you can’t have a proper snack time with an ice-cold refreshing beverage. Depending on your level of needed convenience, we like to opt for either a can of Olipop, which is filled with prebiotics, plant fibers, and botanicals for a sparkling tonic you can’t refuse or a Celsius On-The-Go Powder Stick. These powder sticks are available in 6 flavors, are vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and have 0 grams of sugar. All you have to do is add the powder to water and shake to mix. Within seconds you have yourself a delicious energy drink designed to burn fat and accelerate your metabolism. Regardless of your food or drink choice, snack on and continue advancing your snacking skills!