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BeccaEdit Spotlight: Thread Wallet

From wallets to airpod cases to bags and chapstick keychain holders, Thread Wallet has made its mark on the “carry” vertical. With their catchline “carry on”, Thread Wallet has become known for their expressive prints and fun patterns ranging from florals and strips to cheetah print and bold solids. They take minimalism to the next level.

Founded in 2014, Thread Wallet was originally born out of pure necessity. While living in Hawaii founder Colby had lost his wallet and in the process of buying a new one, realized that there was a gap in the marketplace for a minimalistic product that wasn’t chunky and boring. Thus, Colby used a rubber band to hold his cards and cash together. Taking this simple idea and expanding upon it, he realized that by adding colors and patterns to elastic, he could create a more functional, expressive, and simple wallet.

Six years later Thread Wallet has developed an identity aligning with creative, ambitious, adventurous individuals who feel inspired by the west coast. From its original purpose, Thread Wallet continuously finds the balance between functionality and expression, minimalism and uniqueness.

As Thread Wallet is redefining the way you carry your products, they are also reshaping how you carry yourself. Confidence, boldness, and passion are within us all and Thread Wallet is here to help you bring it out on your keychain, on a hook, or even stashed away in your pocket.

So the next time you’re in the market for a phone case or airpod case to keep your tech safe in style, head on over to and see how they can help you carry on.

If they can help Becca carry on in style, no doubt they can help you “carry on” too.