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The making of BrandEdit

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably been following BrandEdit for some time now, or maybe you just recently discovered BrandEdit. Regardless, this is the story of BrandEdit and how it came to be.

The journey takes us back to Spring 2020. Prior to Covid-19, changing everyone’s lives and how our world functioned, Be Social had a robust events department which frequently built out, organized, and produced full scale events for brands, ranging from picnics and dinners to multi-day hotel takeovers. When the pandemic hit, the events team was naturally the first to feel the effects, as all human contact quickly halted and events went from “on hold” to completely cancelled in a matter of days.

As an agency, we knew we had to quickly adapt to this new “temporary norm” and adjusting meant finding a new way for brands to activate and engage with influencers, but in a safe manner. Thus, our first box was formed last summer which was called “The Kit”. It featured an array of summer product launches and was sent to key fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers. After receiving countless positive feedback and seeing the results from The Kit, as an agency, we knew we had to do it again, but with a new approach and bigger goals. By winter time we had set out to complete 2 more Kits, sent to an even larger group of influencers. Those two Kits were the Holiday Kit, which featured holiday, festive, and winter related products and The Provisions Kits, which included an array of food, drinks, and related kitchen essentials. It was clear participating brands were thrilled with the awareness they received, influencers were happy to be introduced to new cool products, and that’s when we knew we were onto something.

Entering 2021 meant a new year and a chance to rebrand and build upon the amazing foundation we had begun to build…this is when BrandEdit was truly born.

The first official BrandEdit box was the WellnessEdit which included health, fitness, CBD, mindfulness, and clean beauty products such as Verb Energy, Oribe, Beam, and Seed.

Continuing to grow is an understatement as we’ve seen expansion with each mailer and brands continuing to have amazing results.

Our most recent Edit, the BeccaEdit, was our first influencer collaboration, which included Becca Tilley’s favorite items and went out to another group of creators, some of them being her closest friends. The BeccaEdit saw the largest number of impressions to date, as brands such as Free People, Kerastase, JR Watkins, and Prima were amongst Becca’s favorites.

As BrandEdit continues to grow with every send out, our next Edit returns to the roots that started it all – summer. The upcoming SummerEdit, which is set to be sent out later this month, to a fresh round of influencers will feature fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and food/beverage must haves for summer, all tested and approved by BrandEdit.

With exciting Edits to come and additional surprises in the making, we here at Be Social hope to soon bring BrandEdit to life with pop-up influencer events and a fully comprehensive consumer facing box, which would mean that you’d be able to get your hands on a BrandEdit box at home. As we move forward and emerge victorious from the pandemic, we are grateful for the opportunity to continue to execute exciting partnerships with brands, thus allowing us the chance to bring innovative, unique, and fun products to influencers around the country for discovery purposes. You never know what you’ll find in a BrandEdit box!