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BeccaEdit Spotlight: Hume Supernatural


Kick odor and sweat goodbye once and for all. Hume Supernatural is the next big thing in the world of clean deodorant. Founded less than 5 years ago, Hume Supernatural is already making a name for itself in the personal care industry.

Hume was created with 4 main goals in mind:

1) Absorbs moisture

2) Traps and binds odor

3) Supports the skin microbiome

4) Protects and nourishes the skin

Summer is quickly approaching, which means that there’s no room for error in forgetting to apply your deoderant. No one likes being that person with sweat rings on their shirt, white residue on their armpits, or smelling like a strange funk. Unfortunately, that’s just not cool and it’s for the best

Designed with the latest scientific technology and thinking, Hume is made with 100% performance in mind implementing a plant-based, mineral, and probiotic formula leaving your skin feeling smooth, and smelling fresh. Currently, you can choose from 3 scent options – Amber Woods, Fragrance Free, and Desert Bloom. Their most recent addition is the Amber Woods which smells of “soft woods and rich vanilla” and was just launched in the past month. As one of the fragrances that was included in the BeccaEdit itself, the Amber Woods is a MUST try (and smell) before they run out.

There’s no bad pick when you rub on Hume, so apply confidently as all those bad and unwanted ingredients have been tossed out the window. Hume is free from aluminum, baking soda, Phthalate, and gluten. Additionally, Hume is also cruelty free.

The reviews are in, people are raving, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to try Hume Supernatural for the first time today. You know it has got to be good if Becca Tilley is using it, so pick up some today and start smelling fresh by incorporating Hume Supernatural into your morning routine.