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Looking beyond the bottle

When you look at a bottle and/or packaging of a Prima product, the first words that might come to your mind are elegant, sophisticated, soothing, and refined. But behind a bottle of The Afterglow , Night Magic , Enlightenment Serum  or any other Prima product is pure and potent functional botanicals and hemp CBD. Established in 2019 by co-founders Christopher Gavigan, Laurel Myers and Jessica Assaf, Prima was designed to combat the many stresses entering our lives today. The hope was to refocus their energy on addressing this issue of stress head on, by tackling its root – overall wellbeing and balance, which ultimately brings physical, mental and spiritual health into one interconnected web of “well-being”.

Overall, Prima’s mission is to “uplift science and nature to cultivate collective well-being”. In a world where technology, media, culture, and social engagements are at the forefront, it’s important to take a step back to remember the importance of self love and one’s own health, thus prioritizing time to reset our clocks, destress from long days, and recover from heavy situations. One of Prima’s best sellers to date is The Daily , which is actually designed as a stress remedy for mind and body. It consists of organic whole-plant hemp extract, turmeric oil and black pepper which aligns with your natural body systems to restore balance, everyday stress, sleep, recovery, and immunity.  Featured in our BeccaEdit, The Daily continues to fly off shelves and be a favorite.

Moving from consumable softgel tablets to body applications, BrandEdit was lucky enough to be able to include Prima again in our most recent sendout, the SummerEdit! Featuring one of Prima’s newest products, Beyond Body Oil , which is destined to be another sell-out as its purpose is to fight stress, fight aging skin, and lock in moisture as it works to radiate your glow from within. Some of the primary ingredients in the Beyond Body Oil include: Magnesium, Squalane, Organic Whole hemp Extract, Helichrysum, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil. Feel free to apply all over your body or just in direct spots that need some extra love and attention. If you want to take your self-care to another level,, you can also take some extra love, attention, and time to yourself by adding a small amount to a bath, for the ultimate full-body treatment.

To top it all off, if everything mentioned above isn’t enough to convince you to try Prima, then maybe it’s worth sharing that on top of its incredible purpose to provide science-backed, wellness supporting products, Prima is also extremely environmentally friendly as they make a conscious effort with all of their packaging. The Beyond Body Oil bottle is made of 25% recycled glass and actually has a negative plastic footprint. This means that “Prima removes twice as much plastic waste from the environment as they use in their packaging”….pretty cool, right?

Always remember –  it’s important to remember to prioritize yourself, take time to remove unnecessary stresses from your life and never judge a product by its packaging.

What’s inside might surprise you.