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WellnesEdit Brand Spotlight: Mad Tasty

Too Good to be Mad

Behind the eccentric can design and colorful logo, lies a flavor-filled beverage that packs a punch! Refreshing and hydrating to the palette, Mad tasty provides more than just good flavor.

Born just across town from Be Social’s downtown LA Headquarters, Mad Tasty was brought to life in Santa Monica, CA. Known as the lead singer from the award winning rock band, One Republic, Ryan Tedder came up with the idea for Mad Tasty in 2018 when looking for that perfect beverage balancing energy, hydration, and flavor.

Throw in your cooler and enjoy with friends, as there’s no bad time to enjoy a Mad Tasty. Grab one at the end of a long day or enjoy at the beach for that refreshing palate quencher. If you’re feeling adventurous grab a can and craft your perfect cocktail or mocktail. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create a delicious mixed drink.

You might not know this unless you take a closer look at the can, but Mad Tasty is actually infused with 20mg of broad-spectrum hemp. Hemp extract has been found to aid in stress relief and anxiety, as well as clear skin and help with inflammation. With these multifaceted benefits, how can you get mad when it tastes so good? (No pun intended)

So the next time you’re feeling stressed or just need a steady bolt of energy, crack open a can of unicorn tears, sip to the bottom, and enjoy!